The Undergraduate Catalog

College-Level Changes

A college-level change to the undergraduate catalog is a change requested by one college to the college's degree requirements, courses, or academic or nonacademic policies. The change may affect other colleges indirectly.

  • Nonacademic changes
    Changes that don’t affect academic policy or the requirements of an existing or new degree program.

  • Academic changes
    Undergraduate academic changes are changes to a college’s degree requirements or academic policy. They affect a student’s pursuit of an existing degree, major, concentration/track/option, academic honor, certificate, etc. Some examples of undergraduate academic changes are
    • changing the requirements of an existing degree program (major) or degree title; changes range from adding a new subject to the degree program to deleting one course from a list of many courses that will fulfill a three-hour requirement;
    • changing the requirements to enter, remain in, or graduate from a degree program or from the college;
    • adding, deleting, or changing restrictions on electives;
    • adding, deleting, or changing a track or option, including changing its name;
    • adding, deleting, or changing an honors program, including changing its name; and
    • establishing, changing, or dropping requirements for admission to a degree program or to the college.

  • Degree program changes
    Undergraduate degree program changes are changes to degree programs or degree titles that must be approved or acknowledged by the THECB. These are
    • adding a degree program or degree title;
    • increasing the number of hours required by a degree program;
    • deleting a degree program or degree title;
    • renaming a degree program or degree title; and
    • moving a degree program or degree title from one academic unit to another.

  • Transcript-Recognized Undergraduate Certificates
    A certificate program is a set of courses that allows a student to focus on an area of study in addition to the major.

  • Course inventory changes
    Changes to information stored in the course inventory—course number, including value; title; same-as statement; subject-matter description; degree plan statements; restrictive statements; prerequisite: meeting statement: contact hours.