Plus/Minus Grading


TO: Instructional Faculty

FROM: Gretchen Ritter, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education

RE: Plus/Minus Grading

August 23, 2011

In response to the syllabus memo that was sent on August 2, 2011 my office has gotten numerous requests for clarification on whether faculty are required to use plus/minus grading in their undergraduate classes. Here, in greater detail is the policy that governs grading:

  1. The university uses the plus/minus grading scale to record final grades for all undergraduate courses. This scale is not discretionary, and end of course grades are recorded for grade point average purposes as follows:

    A 4.0
    A- 3.67
    B+ 3.33
    B 3.0
    B- 2.67
    C+ 2.33
    C 2.0
    C- 1.67
    D+ 1.33
    D 1.0
    D- 0.67
    F 0.0

  2. Faculty members are expected to develop methods for evaluating the performance of students in their classes. Methods for the evaluation and assigning of grades in each course must be made known on the syllabus. As stated in the General Information Catalog, “Responsibility for assuring adequate methods of evaluation rests with departmental faculties and is subject to administrative review.” Not all faculty choose to assign plus or minus grades, which is allowable under university policy. Whatever grades are assigned by the faculty will be recorded in accordance with the plus/minus grading scale specified above.
  3. Further information on the adoption of the plus/minus scale and the reasoning behind it can be obtained on the Faculty Council website.

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