STARS Funding Policy

Expenditure of STARS funds

As a general policy, all start-up funding obtained under the STARS program (expenditures restricted to equipment and/or renovation) shall be expended or encumbered within two years of the date the faculty member arrived on campus. STARS awards supporting counter-offers shall be expended/encumbered within two years of the date of the award. Under exceptional circumstances, and with the written approval of the Provost, this deadline may be extended for a maximum of one year. All funds not expended or encumbered after this deadline shall lapse and be returned to UT System for reallocation.

This policy shall apply to all STARS awards made in 2008-09 and subsequent years.

The deans of the schools/colleges shall notify both existing and future STARS award recipients in writing of the deadlines to expend/encumber STARS funds outlined in this policy.

For more information regarding STARS funding contact Sr. Vice Provost Dan Slesnick.

Allowable expenses on STARS accounts include:

  • Capital equipment constructed specifically for the institution and initial one-time costs for training to operate equipment
  • Development or implementation of software, including personnel
  • Items that have a useful life of at least one year (including price, taxes, duty, in-transit insurance, freight, and installation)
  • Major repairs or rehabilitation of buildings or other permanent improvements
  • One-time purchase of software with a useful life of at least one year

Expenses NOT allowed on STARS accounts include:

  • Animals
  • Books
  • Consumables (baggies, paper, toner cartridges, gas, or chemicals etc.)
  • Monthly telephone services
  • Operating expenses
  • Routine maintenance
  • Routine training
  • Salaries
  • Sales Tax
  • Software maintenance costs
  • Travel

For questions about processing expenditures on STARS accounts contact Kathy Foster or Cherye West-Tucker.

UT System Principles and Criteria for STARS Awards