Textbook Authorization Form

Textbook Authorization Forms are used by University of Texas at Austin Faculty to request the approval of the use of a textbook, notebook or manual, etc., which the Faculty member contributed to or wrote for sale to and use by students.

Textbook Authorization forms should meet the following requirements:

  • Name(s) of the author(s). In the case of multiple authors, the UT Austin faculty member's name should be underlined or bolded.
  • Approval of the dean and the department chair, if applicable.
  • Cost to student should not result in the Faculty profit of more than 25% per volume.


Send Textbook Authorization forms to the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost Office in MAI 201 (G1000) for FINAL APPROVAL.


Authorization to use Textbooks Written by a Member of the Faculty at UT Austin
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* With an interactive PDF, you can type the required information directly on to the form and then print it and mail it. You can NOT save it without the full version of Adobe Acrobat.

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