Flexibility at Work
Lili Qui

Lili Qiu, an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science learned of the University’s modified instructional duties (MID) policy through her department. “They gave me the information, encouraged me to use the policy and were very helpful throughout the entire process,” says Dr. Qiu, who specializes in Internet and wireless networking.

Dr. Qiu had a baby girl in December 2007 and used MID for the following spring semester. The flexibility of the policy enabled her to care for her newborn without the constraints of a teaching schedule and office hours while still conducting research, completing a paper on performance optimization of wireless networks and writing proposals for grant funding.

Lili Qui

This policy made it possible for us to have a child,” says Dr. Qiu, whose husband is also a faculty member in Computer Science. “MID is a great program and has tremendously benefited me and my family.

Dr. Qiu returned to her regular teaching schedule in the fall of 2008. With her daughter now at the University Child Development Center, she enjoys watching her thrive in an environment that’s close, convenient and caring.