SAMPLE OFFER LETTER:                              COURTESY

                                                                        Departmentalized College/School




Dear <Candidate’s name>:

I am pleased to inform you that the Administration and the Dean of the College/School of                                   have authorized me to offer you a courtesy appointment to the faculty of the <Department/Section/Center> of                          effective <DATE>.  When a portion of the salary will be paid by the courtesy department Although this is a zero percent time, no stipend appointment, <Department/Section/Center> will pay <%> of the assignment in your primary position.  This courtesy assignment has an end date of <DATE>. Your academic title and rate will continue to be determined by the <College/School/Department/Section> of                          .

 When the courtesy department will pay no portion of the salary This is a zero percent time, no stipend appointment, which will continue as long as it is mutually agreeable with your home <college/school/department/section>, the <Department/Section/Center >of                               , and you.  Your academic title and rate will continue to be determined by the <College/School/Department/Section> of                                  .

All appointments to the faculty are subject to confirmation by the Board of Regents of The University of Texas System.  Faculty members are subject to the relevant provisions of the Rules and Regulations of the Board of Regents, Regental and UT System policies, the rules and regulations of the University and applicable state and federal laws.


Departmental/Section/Center voting rights <are/are not> extended with this appointment. It is our hope that this appointment will enhance relations with the <department/section/center>. We welcome your participation in course development, course cross-listing, colloquium, joint programs, projects and other activities in the <department/section/center>.

Please indicate your acceptance of this appointment by signing the original of this letter and returning it to me.  The copy should be retained for your records.



Department/Section Chair (or Director, if School or Academic Program )

I accept this offer of appointment:


<Name of candidate>                                                   Date

cc:        Executive Vice President and Provost Gregory L. Fenves

Dean <Name>

            Dean <Name> (home college/school)

            Professor <Name> (home department/section chair or school director)