Departmentalized College/School




Dear Dr. <Candidate’s name>:

The Dean of the College of                                           has authorized me to offer you an appointment to the following faculty position in the Department of                      at The University of Texas at Austin as detailed below:

Title:                                                   Senior Lecturer

Period of Appointment:                       9/1/010 – 5/31/11

                                                            9/1/11 – 5/31/12

                                                            9/1/12 – 5/31/13

Percent Time:                                      100%

Your nine-month academic rate will be $                     for the 2007-08 academic year and will be reviewed annually thereafter.  This is for a temporary appointment without tenure.  The commitment is for the stated three-year period only. For FIXED Contract terms: <The commitment is for the stated three-year period only.> For ROLLING contract terms: < The commitment is for a rolling three-year period.  After completion of the first year in the assignment an additional year will be added, so that your assignment will be for a continuous three-year period.>

All appointments to the faculty are subject to confirmation by the Office of the Chancellor and the Board of Regents of The University of Texas System.  All faculty, administrators, and staff are subject to the relevant provisions of the Rules and Regulations of the Board of Regents and the Handbook of Operating Procedures of The University of Texas at Austin. The salary figure represents the gross salary and is subject to deductions as required by federal and state law and, if permitted by law, such other deductions as you may authorize.

Although specific course assignments will be made at the discretion of the Department Chair, it is expected that your teaching assignment will be focused on the following courses over the period of this appointment:  XXXXX and XXXXXX.  Your teaching assignment for the fall of <academic year> will be <number> section(s) of <course number and title>. Should enrollment fluctuate, causing cancellation of any course section you have been assigned to teach, your assignment may be adjusted in accordance with <college/school> policy. As a member of our teaching faculty, you are expected to participate in course-instructor surveys. Questions concerning your course assignment should be addressed to                    at (512)                      .

If you have other specific performance expectations describe these.  For example  Your duties will include coordination of the lower-division program in XXXXXX” or “Your duties will include serving as undergraduate adviser for the program in XXXXX.”

• Include the following paragraph for NEW benefits-eligible employees.

• "NEW employee" includes those whose previous UT appointment was to a student academic title (e.g., GRA, TA, AI).

• Omit the benefits paragraph when the candidate is a continuing benefits-eligible employee—faculty or staff. 

The enclosures cover important information for new faculty members at The University of Texas at Austin, including an overview of retirement and other benefits. You will be entitled to all employee benefits authorized by the state legislature.  Human Resources will provide you with full information on available University services and resources at the New Employee Welcome/Orientation. You should attend this as soon as possible upon your arrival. For this purpose please note that new employees have 31 calendar days from their initial appointment date <insert expected start date, e.g., (September 1); (January 16)>  to enroll for insurance coverages.

Include the following paragraph when all pre-employment screening requirements apply (i.e., candidate is NEW to UT):

This offer is contingent upon satisfactory completion of all pre-employment screening requirements.  These include (1) completion of the form and provision of documentation required by the Federal Immigration Reform and Control Act to verify employment eligibility to work in the United States; (2) a background check for security sensitive positions, which include all faculty positions; and (3) satisfaction of a credentialing requirement that is a criterion for institutional accreditation.  The first must be satisfied within three working days of the start date of your appointment and will be handled upon your arrival.  To meet the last two requirements, please complete and return both the enclosed Background Check Request Form and the Official Transcript Authorization for New Faculty form to the department for handling.  The enclosures contain additional information on these requirements.

• When the candidate is a current UT employee and has an I-9 on file but has not had a background check nor satisfied the transcript requirement, substitute the following paragraph for the one above.

• If a UT employee candidate for the position has had a background check, drop the text referring to this (second and third sentences), leaving only the transcript authorization requirement text (last two sentences).

• If the candidate previously satisfied all pre-employment screening requirements for a faculty appointment (i.e., all pre-employment forms are on file), then omit the paragraph.

This offer is contingent upon satisfactory completion of certain pre-employment screening requirements for faculty positions.  Institutional policy requires a background check for positions designated security sensitive, as are all faculty positions.  For this purpose, we ask that you complete the first section of the enclosed Background Check Request form and return it to the department, where the bottom section will be filled in and the form sent to Human Resources for processing.  In accordance with accreditation criteria, the University is required to maintain official documentation showing completion of the highest degree obtained.  Please complete the enclosed Official Transcript Authorization for New Faculty form indicating how you wish to satisfy this requirement.

We look forward to having you as a member of our faculty. If you have any questions about the appointment, please contact me at                    . Please indicate your acceptance of this appointment by signing the original of this letter and returning it to me.  The copy should be retained for your records.



Department Chair


Enclosures:      Attachment B to PM 3.110 – Information for New Non-tenure Track Faculty Members

                        HOP §5.A –Lecturer and Clinical Faculty Titles

                        Background Check Request Form AS APPLICABLE 

                        Official Transcript Authorization for New Faculty AS APPLICABLE

cc         Executive Vice President and Provost Gregory L. Fenves


I accept this offer of appointment and attest that the credentials reflected in the curriculum vitae submitted with my application are correct:


<Candidate’s name>