NON-Departmentalized College/School




Dear <Candidate’s name>:

I am pleased to inform you that the University Administration has authorized me to offer you appointment to the faculty of the College/School of                                               at The University of Texas at Austin, with the tenure-track rank of Assistant Professor.  Your appointment will be effective _____________ with a nine-month academic rate of $                  . For offers contingent on degree completion, include the following. In the event that you do not complete all Ph.D. requirements by August 18/December 31, 20XX, your appointment will be at the rank of Instructor, at a nine-month academic rate of $                .

This appointment is subject to review and approval by the Board of Regents of The University of Texas System.  All employees are subject to the relevant provisions of the Rules and Regulations of the Board of Regents and the Handbook of Operating Procedures of The University of Texas at Austin and to applicable state and federal laws. The salary figure above is subject to deductions required by state and federal law and, if permitted by law, other deductions that you may authorize.

For appointments to be effective in the fall, include the following.

Contingent on your being in residence at the first of the fall semester, we will appoint you for the period August 18-31, at your proposed nine-month academic rate.  This appointment will allow time to prepare for assumption of your faculty duties and to attend the University-sponsored orientations on teaching and benefits, discussed below.

If applicable and modify to fit local circumstances.

The <provost/college/school> will provide $                       in start-up funds to assist you in setting up your research program.  Start-up funds are to be used primarily for equipment purchases but, if more flexibility is necessary, you may seek approval from the dean for other research support expenses, such as staff salaries and operating expenses.  These funds, under certain limited circumstances, may be used for travel but not for your own salary compensation.  These funds should be expended within                       years of the initial appointment unless the dean authorizes an extension.

Include the following paragraph on Moving Expenses where relevant:

The <college/school> will reimburse you for the actual expenses of moving your family and household goods on a documented basis and for the reasonable expenses necessary for one or more trips to Austin for personal relocation purposes up to a maximum of $           .  Expenses for moving household goods and personal effects may be paid as an out-of-pocket reimbursement or directly to the moving company.  Expenses that meet the criteria set forth in IRS Publication 521 ( are non-taxable.  Please present receipts to <Dept Contact Name> in the departmental office for reimbursement.  We can also assist you in accessing the relocation services offered by Human Resource Services.  Please let us know if you are interested in pursuing this option.

As a new faculty member, you will be provided with your choice of either a laptop or desktop computer.

Instructional assignments are determined by the dean, and the normal teaching load in the college/school is                                                 .  Your teaching duties are expected to be in the area of                                   . For each of two semesters during the first year of employment, you will receive an adjusted workload to allow time to develop instructional materials for courses you will teach.  With the permission of the dean, it is possible to maximize time devoted to quality teaching and time devoted to research and scholarly efforts within an academic year by requesting an adjusted teaching load across two semesters so that one is light and the other heavier.  In addition, you may focus additional time on your research and scholarly efforts by paying all or part of your salary from external grant funds.

The week before classes begin each August, the Center for Teaching and Learning offers the UT Austin Faculty Orientation Seminar. You will receive an invitation to attend this two-day event, which covers a broad range of topics designed to acquaint you with teaching at the University, provide you with a research orientation, and give you an opportunity to meet some of your new colleagues. 

If your college/school hold an orientation for new faculty, please also mention it here.

Tenure-track faculty members may apply for a Summer Research Assignment (SRA) through the Faculty Development Program administered by the Office of Graduate Studies.  The program gives preference to junior faculty for SRAs, which provide the equivalent of two months’ salary following the first academic year of service. Information about this and other internally funded awards programs administered by the Office of Graduate Studies and the Office of the Vice President for Research can be accessed via

The enclosures cover important information for new faculty members at The University of Texas at Austin, including an overview of retirement and other benefits. You will be entitled to all employee benefits authorized by the state legislature.  Human Resource Services will provide you with full information on available University services and resources at the New Employee Welcome/Orientation, which you should attend as soon as possible upon your arrival. As a new employee you have 31 calendar days from the effective date of your appointment <insert expected start date, e.g., (August 18), (January 16)> to enroll for insurance coverages.

This offer is contingent upon satisfactory completion of all pre-employment screening requirements.  These include (1) completion of the form and provision of documentation required by the Federal Immigration Reform and Control Act to verify employment eligibility to work in the United States; (2) a background check for security sensitive positions, which include all faculty positions; and (3) satisfaction of a credentialing requirement that is a criterion for institutional accreditation.  The first must be satisfied within three working days of the start date of your appointment and will be handled upon your arrival.  To meet the last two requirements, please complete and return both the enclosed Background Check Request Form and the Official Transcript Authorization for New Faculty form to the department for handling.  The enclosures contain additional information on these requirements.

We are enthusiastic about having you as a member of the faculty and hope that the terms of this offer are satisfactory to you. Please indicate your acceptance of this appointment by signing the original of this letter and returning it to me.  The copy should be retained for your records. Should you have any questions concerning the offer you can contact me at (512)                                         .




Enclosures:         Attachment A to PM 3.110, Information for New Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty Members

                        HOP § 3.15 Academic Titles and Tenure

                        HOP § 3.17 Recommendations Regarding Faculty Compensation,

Faculty Promotion, Tenure, Renewal of Appointment or Non-renewal of Appointment

Background Check Request Form

                        Official Transcript Authorization for New Faculty

cc:        Executive Vice President and Provost Gregory L. Fenves

I accept this offer of appointment and I attest that the credentials reflected in the curriculum vitae submitted with my application are correct:

_______________________________________                   __________________

<Candidate’s Name>                                                                  Date