Annual Requests for Outside Employment

This policy is not UTS 180 / HOP 5-2011

Outside employment is defined as any paid activity such as, but not necessarily limited to, consulting, advising, testing or assaying, performing analyses or examinations, the practice of one's profession, or similar work performed in addition to the official responsibilities of a full-time employee. Some volunteer activities may also be included.

Outside employment forms should be reviewed and approved at the beginning of each new fiscal year.


Send Outside Employment forms for Faculty to the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost at Main 201/G1000 for FINAL APPROVAL. Please note that outside employment must not exceed 20 percent of a full-time faculty position.

Faculty Outside Employment Form
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Handbook of Operating Procedures 2-2200


For classified and A&P staff, Outside Employment forms will be approved and signed by the employee's direct supervisor, department chair or head, and Dean. Upon signature approvals, form will be returned to employees department and placed in personnel file.

Only Outside Employment forms that require second-level approval (e.g. requests by Vice Provosts, Directors and Deans) should route to the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost for processing. After approval, staff in the Provost’s Office will return the Outside Employment forms to the department for placement in the employee's personnel file.

Outside Employment Requests for staff must be reviewed and approved annually at the supervisory level. But, note that Staff requests that were previously approved by the employee's Dean/AVP/President do NOT have to be resubmitted to the Dean/AVP/President, except when the Request has changed or the employee’s position and duties at UT Austin have changed.

Staff Outside Employment Form
Available on the Human Resource Services website (scroll down to the header labeled compliance)

Handbook of Operating Procedures 5-2270

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