Student Request for Retroactive Withdrawal

University-wide Procedures Regarding Requests for Retroactive Withdrawal Initiated After the Semester in Question Has Ended

A student unable to complete the course work of a semester may receive permission from the dean of their college to withdraw after the mid-semester deadline if the student has “urgent, substantiated, nonacademic reasons” as university policy requires (GIC, 2002-2003, pp. 80-81). A student is expected to withdraw during the semester in which they are enrolled.  When the semester is over, the record on that semester is closed.

Since students have the option to withdraw during the semester, requests to withdraw after the semester is over will be considered only if the student was somehow unable to withdraw.  For example, students who were hospitalized or incarcerated, called away at the end of the semester because of a family crisis, asked to perform military service, or were seriously debilitated by mental illness may be unable to withdraw during the semester in which they are enrolled.

In these cases, students may discuss their situation with the dean or an academic advisor in their dean’s office.  If there is sufficient and compelling documentation, and if the request for retroactive withdrawal is submitted to the dean’s office during the next long semester (e.g., a request for retroactive withdrawal of Spring 2004 must be submitted to the dean’s office during the Fall 2004 semester), the college dean’s office will review the request and consider approval of a retroactive withdrawal.  Such documentation could include written recommendations by the University Health Services (UHS) and the Counseling and Mental Health Center (CMHC).

In summary, the University's expectation is that students who leave the University for nonacademic reasons will attend to withdrawal in a timely manner, that is, during the semester in which they are enrolled or during the next long semester if there are compelling non-academic reasons. Colleges may approve appeals for retroactive medical withdrawals for semesters long past, but only for the most compelling non-academic reasons.

Approved by Deans of Colleges and Schools and Provost Ekland-Olson
February 2005