Substantial Writing Component Course Requirements

To be certified as a substantial writing component (SWC) course, the following criteria must be met:

  1. The course must include at least three writing assignments per semester, exclusive of exams and quizzes.
  2. The three or more writing assignments must total approximately 16 typewritten, double-spaced pages (about 4,000 words.)
  3. A major rewriting of an assignment that requires additional original writing and not merely editing can be considered a separate assignment.
  4. Students must receive timely and detailed critique following each writing assignment concerning the quality of their writing and suggestions for improvement.
  5. The performance on the writing assignments must be an important component of the student’s course grade.
  6. The quality of the written expression must be an important component in determining the student’s course grade.

Departments submit proposals for new SWC courses to the Dean for review and approval.