Core Requirement 12 calls for the university to prepare a Quality Enhancement Plan. The QEP is focused on improving some aspect of the educational component of the institution that enhances the quality of student learning. It represents a commitment on the part of the institution to identify an area for improvement, to develop a plan to meet specific, measurable goals, and to engage in ongoing assessment of progress toward completion of the plan. The university must submit an impact report five years following the initiation of the QEP in which it demonstrates the impact of the QEP on student learning, as defined in the plan. Therefore, it is advisable that the QEP be designed to produce measurable results within that time frame.

The QEP should be broad-based, impacting as many units of the university as possible, including both academic and support components. Effort should be made to engage as many stakeholder groups as possible in the selection of the plan focus and its implementation. The first job of the QEP Committee will be to devise a plan for soliciting input from such groups as students, faculty, administration, staff, alumni, and other interested individuals and groups. The QEP focus may be a currently identified campus thrust, or it may be a new emphasis that has not previously been identified. Whatever focus is finally selected, it should be capable of successful implementation within the limits of the disposable resources of the university.

Quality Enhancement Plan


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