The Assessment Planning Flow Chart© by Gloria Rogers

"Bringing common sense into the assessment of educational programs!"

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About the Assessment Planning Flow Chart

The Assessment Planning Flow Chart is from an interactive CD-ROM created by Gloria Rogers to assist faculty and administrators in assessing student learning at the program and/or institutional level. Each box on the interactive flow chart has links that clearly describe each step of the planning process. Additional references and downloads are also provided. In addition, the Flow Chart includes printable materials designed to provide guidance throughout the assessment planning and implementation process. A special section on "Assessment Helps" provides valuable references on topics related to the assessment of student learning at the program level.

In addition to the assessment planning flow chart itself, other features on the CD-ROM content include:

  • Conceptual models
  • Forms and process downloads
  • 12 assessment tools with applications
  • Examples of measurable learning outcomes
  • Assessment references with links
  • Glossary of terms

The contents of this CD-ROM are avilable to the University, and this material can be viewed with Mac or PC using Internet Explorer 6 and Netscape 7 or higher.


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