Deans and Department Chairs

Architecture, School of
Business, Red McCombs School of
Communication, Moody College of
Dell Medical School
Education, College of
Engineering, Cockrell School of
Fine Arts, College of
Geosciences, Jackson School of
Graduate School
Information, School of Law, School of
Liberal Arts, College of
Natural Sciences, College of
Nursing, School of
Pharmacy, College of
Public Affairs, LBJ School of
Social Work, School of
Undergraduate Studies

Architecture, School of
Dean Frederick R. Steiner
GOL 2.308 (B7500)

Business, Red McCombs School of
Dean Thomas W. Gilligan
GSB 2.104 (B6000)

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Communication, Moody College of
Dean Roderick P. Hart
BMC 5.312 (A0900)

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Dell Medical School
Vice President for Medical Affairs and Dean S Claiborne Johnston

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Education, College of
Dean Manuel J. Justiz
SZB 210 (D5000)

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Engineering, Cockrell School of
Interim Dean Sharon L. Wood
ECJ 10.310 (C2100)

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Fine Arts, College of
Dean Doug Dempster
FAB 2.400 (D1400)

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Geosciences, Jackson School of
Dean Sharon Mosher
JGB 6.218 (C1160)

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Graduate School
Sr. Vice Provost and Dean Judith H. Langlois
MAI 101 (G0400)

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Information, School of
Dean Andrew P. Dillon
1616 Guadalupe
UTA 5.202 (D8600)

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Law, School of
Dean Ward Farnsworth
TNH 2.119B (D1800)

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Liberal Arts, College of
Dean Randy L. Diehl
GEB 3.200 (G6000)

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African and African American Studies, John L. Warfield Center for
Cherise Smith, Director
JES A232A (D7200)

African and African Diaspora Studies, Department of
Edmund T. Gordon, Chair
BEL 242 (A3400)

Air Force Science, Department of
Col Jeffrey F. Staha, Chair
CLA 5.726 (C3600)

American Studies, Department of
Elizabeth Engelhardt, Chair
BUR 437 (B7100)

Anthropology, Department of
Anthony F. Di Fiore, Chair
SAC 4.102 (C3200)

Asian American Studies, Center for
Madeline Y. Hsu, Director
BUR 480 (A2200)

Asian Studies, Department of
Joel P. Brereton, Interim Chair
WCH 4.134 (G9300)

Australian and New Zealand Studies, Edward A. Clark Center for
Rhonda Evans Case, Interim Director
HRC 3.362 (F1900)

Classics, Department of
Lesley A. Dean-Jones, Chair
WAG 123 (C3400)

Comparative Literature, Program in
Elizabeth Richmond-Garza, Director
CAL 217 (B5003)

Cultural Studies, Américo Paredes Center for
John Hartigan, Director
SAC 4.102 (C3900)

Economics, Department of
Jason Abrevaya, Chair
BRB 1.116 (C3100)

English, Department of
Elizabeth Cullingford, Chair
CAL 226 (B5000)

European Studies, Center for
Douglas G. Biow, Director
MEZ 3.126 (A1800)

French and Italian, Department of
David P. Birdsong, Chair
HRH 2.114A (B7600)

Geography and the Environment, Department of
Sheryl Luzzadder Beach, Chair
CLA 3.306 (A3100)

Germanic Studies, Department of
Kirsten L. Belgum, Interim Chair
BUR 336 (C3300)

Government, Department of
Robert G. Moser, Chair
BAT 2.116 (A1800)

History, Department of
Jacqueline Jones, Chair
GAR 1.104 (B7000)

Humanities Institute
Pauline Strong, Director
HRC 3.360 (G6210)

Jewish Studies, Schusterman Center for
Naomi E. Lindstrom, Director
CLA 2.402 (B3600)

Latin American Studies, Teresa Lozano Long Institute of
Charles Hale, Director
SRH 1.310 (D0800)

Linguistics, Department of
Richard P. Meier, Chair
CLA 4.304 (B5100)

Mexican-American Studies, Center for
Domino R. Perez, Director
BUR 552 (F9200)

Middle Eastern Studies, Center for
Karin G. Wilkins, Director
CAL 528 (F9400)

Middle Eastern Studies, Department of
Kamran S. Aghaie, Chair
CAL 528 (F9400)

Military Science (Army), Department of
MAJ Travis M. Habhab, Chair
CLA 5.412 (C3603)

Naval Science, Department of
CAPT John G. Eden, Chair
CLA 5.602 (C3604)

Philosophy, Department of
David Sosa, Chair
WAG 316 (C3500)

Plan II Honors Program
Michael B. Stoff, Director
CLA 2.102 (G3600)

Psychology, Department of
James W. Pennebaker, Chair
SEA 4.208 (A8000)

Religious Studies, Department of
Martha G. Newman, Chair
BUR 529 (A3700)

Rhetoric and Writing, Department of
Jeffrey Walker, Chair
PAR 3 (B5500)

Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies, Center for
Mary Neuburger, Director
BUR 452 (F3600)

Slavic and Eurasian Studies, Department of
Mary Neuburger, Chair
BUR 452 (F3600)

Sociology, Department of
Christine Williams, Chair
CLA 3.306 (A1700)

South Asia Institute
Kamran Ali, Director
WCH 4.132 (C3200)

Spanish and Portuguese, Department of
Jill Robbins, Chair
BEN 2.116 (B3700)

Study of Core Texts and Ideas, Thomas Jefferson Center for the
Thomas L. Pangle, Co-Director
Lorraine S. Pangle, Co-Director
BAT 2.116 (C4100)

UTeach-Liberal Arts
Richard R. Flores, Director
GEB 3.212 (G6000)

Women's and Gender Studies, Center for
Lisa L. Moore, Interim Director
BUR 536 (A4900)

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Natural Sciences, College of
Dean Linda A. Hicke
WCH 3.104 (G2500)

Reporting to Dean:

Astronomy, Department of
Daniel T. Jaffe, Chair
RLM 13.116 (C1400)

Biology Instruction Office
Janice A. Fischer, Director

Chemistry, Department of
Jennifer S. Brodbelt, Interim Chair
WEL 2.310 (A5300)

Computer Science, Department of
Bruce Porter, Chair
GDC 2.308 (D9500)

Human Development and Family Sciences, Department of
Deborah Jacobvitz, Chair
SEA 2.1.432A (A2702)

Human Ecology, School of
Michele Forman, Director
GEA 113 (A2700)

Integrative Biology, Department of
Robert K. Jansen, Chair
BIO 404 (C0930)

Marine Science, Department of
Robert Dickey, Chair
750 Channelview Drive
Port Aransas, Texas 78373-5015 (T2500)

Materials Science and Engineering Program
Arumugam Manthiram, Director
ETC 8.102 (C2201)

Mathematics, Department of
Alan W. Reid, Chair
RLM 8.152 (C1200)

Molecular Biosciences, Department of
Vishwanath R. Iyer, Interim Co-Chair
John B. Wallingford, Interim Co-Chair

Neuroscience, Department of
Daniel Johnston, Chair
NHB 2.504 (C7000)

Neuroscience Graduate Program
Daniel Johnston, Director
NMS 4.104B (C7000)

Nutritional Sciences, Department of
Molly S. Bray, Chair
PAI 5.56A (A2703)

Physics, Department of
Richard Hazeltine, Chair
RLM 5.208 (C1600)

Statistics and Data Science, Department of
Michael Daniels, Director
GDC 7.504 (G2500)

Textiles and Apparel, Division of
Sheldon Ekland-Olson, Interim Chair
GEA 223 (A2700)

UTeach-Natural Sciences
Michael P. Marder, Director
PAI 4.02 (G2550)

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Nursing, School of
Dean Alexa Stuifbergen
NUR 2.102FA (D0100)

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Pharmacy, College of
Dean M. Lynn Crismon
PHR 5.112 (A1900)

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Public Affairs, LBJ School of
Dean Robert L. Hutchings
SRH 3.384 (E2700)

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Social Work, School of
Dean Luis H. Zayas
SSW 2.202 (D3500)

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Undergraduate Studies, School of
Dean Brent L. Iverson
MAI 202 (G8000)

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Other Academic Programs
Reporting to the Vice President for Research:

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