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In the classroom with Kinesiology and Health Education Professor Hiro TanakaThe University of Texas at Austin offers a high-caliber education in a vast array of academic fields. More than 50,000 students come here each year to pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees. Few institutions can match the range of opportunities available to students on this multicultural campus that is home to some of the world's leading teachers and researchers as well as world-renowned libraries and museums, performing arts and big-time college sports.

For the past several years, the university has been implementing changes that expose undergraduates to the very best teachers and the most stimulating ideas and resources available on the campus. We have reformed our curriculum over the past five years.

More recently, under the Course Transformation Program, the university is applying educational technology in ways that enhance the classroom experience and fosters learning at an accelerated pace. This initiative will expand opportunities for academic success in our large lower division courses.

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