Hackerman Award in Chemical Research (Welch Foundation)

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VPR Internal Deadline

Funding Agency Deadline

Funding or Award Criteria
"The purpose of the award is to encourage and recognize young chemical scientists in Texas for their past research endeavors. The award is meant not only to recognize the scientist's work, but it should also be an encouragement to those embarking on careers dedicated to increasing our fundamental understanding of chemistry."

"On June 30 for the year in which nominated, a candidate for the award must be within 10 years of his or her initial appointment as an assistant professor or equivalent.  For example, for the 2013 award, the initial appointment of the candidate as an assistant professor or equivalent must have begun no earlier than July 1, 2003. A nominee must have spent the most recent three (3) years ending June 30, 2013 doing chemical research in Texas. Directors and Officers of the Foundation and members of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Foundation are not eligible to receive the award."

Applicable Field(s)

# of Nominees Allowed

VPR Required Documents
The following materials should be forwarded electronically to the VPR via college deans or ORU directors:

  1. letter of nomination containing a brief statement of the reason for nomination,
  2. a complete curriculum vitae which must include the nominee’s date of birth, the date of initial appointment as an assistant professor or equivalent, and the year the nominee began doing chemical research in Texas,
  3. a complete publication listing including a copy of 3-5 of the nominee’s most important research publications,
  4. contact information for three (3) supporting letters from individuals in the nominee's field from persons at institutions other than The University of Texas at Austin.

For more information, contact Liza Scarborough at 512-471-2877 or liza@austin.utexas.edu.

Nominee(s) Selected to Advance: Christopher Ellison (Chemical Engineering)