Animal Resources Center

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Mission Statement

The ARC oversees the care and use of vertebrate animals utilized as part of the research and teaching activities of the University and serves as a source of expertise and support for investigators and the administration on all issues related to laboratory animals. We accomplish this by:

-Providing quality care for research animals

-Ensuring that the vivarium facilities and the campus animal care program continue to meet the standards for continued AAALAC accreditation

-Overseeing the orientation and training of individuals involved in animal research

-Providing technical services and specialized training in support of ongoing research projects

-Recruiting and retaining a top-notch staff

-Working closely with other groups in the University to assure compliance with all relevant laws, regulations, and policies regarding animal care and use.


Our goals as we fulfill these roles for the University are:

-To identify flexible, creative solutions

-To foster a collegial, cooperative working environment

-To conserve research resources by implementing timely and cost-effective practices



The University of Texas Animal Resources Center provides animal husbandry and veterinary consultation services for all UT Austin research involving laboratory animals. Facility users include: Anthropology, Chemical, Electrical, and Bio-Engineering, Biochemistry, the School of Pharmacy, Kinesiology, Nutrition, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Psychology, and Zoology.

The ARC facility was designed and constructed to meet exacting regulatory standards required for the operation of research animal facilities. The original 50,000 square foot facility was completed in the summer of 1977, and currently serves as primary quarters for some 10 - 15,000 laboratory animals yearly. A new 20,000 square foot extension is now available with facilities for molecular biology, biohazard, and transgenic research.

Typical rodent room (Click picture for larger view)

The center's three major units -- veterinary support, husbandry, and administrative services -- give researchers a variety of resources for accomplishment of their particular protocols. The centralized facility permits the most efficient and up-to-date environmental control for sanitation and animal health monitoring. It also has access to a diagnostic laboratory, two complete animal surgery suites, several darkrooms, controlled environment rooms, and a necropsy room.

The center is staffed by fifteen part and full-time animal attendants and technicians, an administrative associate, a facilities manager, a compliance and training manager, and the director whose specialty is lab animal medicine. ARC staff are always on call for medical emergencies, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Veterinary and technical staff members are available also, on a scheduled basis, for procedural assistance contact Jennifer Cassaday.

Minor building maintenance (light bulbs, sink stopped up, leaking faucet, etc.) is available on a daily basis, by direct request to the physical plant at 471-7728 or indirectly through the ARC office at 232-2043.

Per diem rates and service charges (PDF) are available online. Researchers should normally project a 5 - 10% annual increase in UTAARC rates when applying for grant funding.

All animal research and teaching activities carried out on the University of Texas campus must be pre-approved by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee.

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