Animal Resources Center Employment

Animal care at the University of Texas Animal Resources Center is a 365 days a year job. We house a wide variety of animals such as mice, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, dogs, cats, primates, and birds. Animals need to be provided feed and water on a daily basis, their cages need to be cleaned on schedule, and the animal rooms need to be cleaned daily. Employees are expected to be observant for signs of disease or for conditions which might be detrimental to the ongoing research. The ARC employs 15 to 20 full time animal attendants and technologists to accomplish this.

All employees are required to work some holidays (overtime paid).

ARC provides employees with scrub suits, gloves, masks, boots, and hair protection. It is mandatory for all employees to wear surgical scrubs. We also require that vinyl gloves be worn when working in animal rooms, and we encourage wearing of the other protective items, depending on what areas you might work in. Locker rooms with showers are available and all employees are encouraged to shower before leaving the job.

All employees should be able to lift and move 50 lbs. without help. You can expect to be loading and unloading shipments of feed and bedding from time to time. Due to NIH requirements, all employees must agree to take part in the ARC post-employment Occupational Health Screening Program.

Salaries begin at $10.00 per hour for entry level employees with no experience. Advancement opportunities at UTAARC are good for employees with above average dependability and initiative, and are expected to increase with the current growth of the facility. Training and technician certification programs are available for employees seeking a career in animal care.

 If you are interested in employment at the Animal Resources Center, please contact: Hiring Manager