The ARC necropsy room is a commons area used by all researchers and animal care staff for terminal procedures and animal necropsy. As such, it is important for all personnel to be aware that they are responsible for cleaning up whenever they complete their work. After a procedure, all work surfaces used must be wiped clean with a disinfectant solution. Sink and necropsy table drains must be cleaned of debris. Custodial staff are responsible for routine weekly cleaning of the floor, but any gross spills and/or soil should be cleaned by the user. All carcasses and tissues must be placed in available freezers. Please do not overfill carcass containers inside the freezers. Please individually bag all carcasses using the red biohazard bags available in the cabinets.

There are two freezers, one inside the necropsy room and one inside the walk-in cooler in the necropsy room. Animals that have received no special diets or injections of chemical or biological toxins should be placed in the chest freezer located in the necropsy room. Animals that have received toxic or questionable agents should be placed in the chest freezer located inside the walk-in cooler.

Carbon dioxide is used for euthanizing rodents. Carbon dioxide is available for euthanizing animals in the necropsy room. You MUST follow procedures listed in your animal protocol for any animal euthanasia. Anyone using either method is required to have had hands-on training by a qualified individual before attempting the procedure themselves.

Please follow posted SOP for CO2 euthanasia. When using CO2, it is very important to make sure the animals have stopped breathing before putting them in the freezer (neonates survive for much longer time periods than older animals). ARC staff will euthanize animals (for a fee) at the researchers request.

A calendar is posted on the outside of the necropsy room for researchers to sign up for use of the facility. Anyone who has signed up has priority for use during the time indicated.

ARC staff will provide sharps containers, glass containers, and carcass boxes for the necropsy room. If any of these are missing, notify Jennifer Cassaday at 512/471 3909.

Anyone using the necropsy facilities must be wearing a protective outer garment. Gloves are provided by ARC and should also be worn by all users.