Air Monitoring and Surveillance Camera Site Locations

The red flags on the map below represent the locations of the 7 monitoring sites.  Choose a location and click the flag to view more details.   The details include various maps, and site photos.

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Schedule of Air Monitoring Sites, Locations and Major Instrumentation

Contract Ref TCEQ CAMS# Description of Site Location Monitoring Equipment
Auto GC Event Mon Sulphur Com Met Station Camera
1.a 634 Oak Park Recreation Center Yes Yes   Yes  
1.b 629 Grain Elevator @ Port of Corpus Christi   Yes Yes Yes  
1.c 630 J. I. Hailey Site @ Port of Corpus Christi   Yes Yes Yes  
1.d 635 TCEQ Monitoring Site C199 @ Dona Park   Yes Yes Yes Yes
1.e 631 Port of Corpus Christi on West End of CC Inner Harbor   Yes Yes Yes  
1.f 632 Off Up River Road on Flint Hills Resources Easement   Yes Yes Yes  
1.g 633 Solar Estates Park at end of Sunshine Road Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


UT and TCEQ Monitoring Sites

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