03/14 - Microgrid Ramp Rates and Frequency Stability

11/13 - Microgrid Frequency Stability (Nome, AK)

05/13 - “Microgrids give greater reliability during an emergency and greater efficiency during normal day-to-day activities."

The CEM microgrid is capable of operating at MW power levels

06/13 - CEM Director Dr. Robert Hebner participated in the “Shades of Green” radio show interview in June 2013. This interview features the Pecan Street project and CEM’s research activities linked both to the Pecan Street Project and Microgrids.

Study focuses on electric cars' effect on power grid.
05/12 - It's a neighborhood that could set to trend for others in the future. It's helping companies look at the use of energy
Story courtesy Tom Abrahams - KTRK-TV Houston.

05/12 - Electric cars could be the wave of the future, but as they hit the roads, they have to get their charges. And that means they'll pull power from the state's power grid. Story courtesy Tom Abrahams - KTRK-TV Houston.

Smart Grid Simulation w/PVs & EVs
04/12 - Simulink Smartgrid Simulation 1: The Basics

04/12 - Simulink Smartgrid Simulation 2: Impact of PVs & EVs on Transformers

80h/12 - Community Energy Storage: 7 Day Forecast
This work shows the performance a 25 kWh battery and 25 kW solar array when connected along side a 50 kVA distribution transformer in Austin, Texas. The results are simulation based, but use recorded field data as the PV power injection and residential consumptions.


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