Dr. Berberoglu - Solar Energy and Biofuels Laboratory

CEM researchers attended the Algal Biomass Organization (ABO) 5th Annual Algae Biomass Summit October 23-27th, 2011.

Non-Lethal Oil Recovery Suitable For Biocatalytic Algal Platforms

Solvent-free Algae as a Sustainable Biofertilizer

Analysis of Algae Lipids by HPLC and Mass Spectroscopy

Algae-Derived Omega-7 Accelerates Wound Healing

How Algal Biofertilizers Can Accelerate Sustainable Agriculture
This presentation addresses the challenges posed by conventional agricultural practices through a historical perspective, outlines the potential of biofertilizers as an alternative to mainstream synthetic fertilizers, and presents our current applied research at the University of Texas demonstrating a technique to use microalgae to reclaim phosphorous and nitrogen from waste water streams and redirect it for support of agricultural production. Video provided by UTAustinGreen.


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