10/2014 Mike Lewis ARPA-E Linear Motor Update
09/2014 Mr. Jon Hahne Superconducting Wind Turbine - UT Researchers Team with Colleagues in China
08/2014 Dr. Robert Hebner Powering Lasers
07/2014 Dr. Rhykka Connelly The Year of Concentrating Solar Power: Five New Plants to Power America with Clean Energy
07/2014 Dr. Joseph Beno ONR Advanced Dual-Mode Generator Project
06/2014 Dr. Robert Hebner Establishing Standards for Composite Materials
05/2014 Dr. Fabian Uriarte Accelerating System Level Simulations – Starting with Microgrids!
05/2014 Mike Lewis Natural Gas Dominates 2014 ACT Expo
05/2014 Dr. Sid Pratap Researching Bulk High Temp Superconductor (HTSC) Applications
04/2014 Mr. John Herbst Composite Material Characterization – Strain to Failure
03/2014 Mr. Jon Hahne EM Launch: Testing electronics at a whole new level
03/2014 Mr. Mike Lewis Microgrid Madness at ARPA-E
03/2014 Dr. Joseph Beno Taking on the Triple Threat: High Precision, Accuracy, and Vibration Isolation
03/2014 Dr. Rhykka Connelly Renewable Crude is Here: Production at the University of Texas
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