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Research Tiers: CEM’s effort focuses on system level applications, particular to understanding the potential benefits of new conceptual systems.  Modeling and simulation are the effective tools for such research.  Modeling of systems, however, requires in depth knowledge of components.  The center has this knowledge due to its history of designing, building, and testing high power equipment.

Cybersecurity: As more data is stored relative to the US Utility infrastructure, the need to protect that data is increasingly important.  Researchers at CEM are working to understand and protect emerging smartgrid technologies from these threats.  CEM strives to be the world expert in utility grid planning, modeling, testing, and protection.

Isolation of Power:

Military: Military bases throughout the US conduct power system reviews to insure they are operational independent of standard utility grids.  Integration of power sources from nuclear to renewable are being considered to provide bases more independence from standard local power plants in the case of an attack or disaster.  Microgrid research being conducted at CEM can help military personel understand the impact of various power source options and assist in planning and selection of power sources given individual base circumstances.

FEMA: Recent disasters have sparked renewed interest in insuring that US Utility grids are more robust and accessible in the case that disaster strikes.  Microgrids could be the key to insuring that when main utility grids are compromised by inclement weather that power remains accessible to those that desperately need it.  Of particular research interest, is the possibility of coupling power plants that are light enough to be air-lifted with microgrids.

Building on Experience:

CEM is leveraging a decade of experience in modeling power systems for the Navy Electric Ship program and more recent Microgrid experiments to advance SmartGrid Technology:

research tier related to power system
Figure 1. Resarch tiers at CEM related to power system and modeling and simulation


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Dr. Robert Hebner

Dr. Robert Hebner
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