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UT-CEM Hosts Cap Metro Hydrogen Bus Kickoff

June 7, 2012: Capital Metro, along with the University of Texas Center for Electromechanics (UT-CEM), held a kickoff event to launch the innovative Proterra zero-emission, hydrogen hybrid bus into passenger service.  The bus was launched earlier this month as part of a year-long demonstration funded by the the Federal Transit Administration's (FTA) National Fuel Cell Bus Program and the Texas Commission on Environment Quality's (TCEQ) New Technology Research and Development program.

UT-CEM's on-site hydrogen generation and fueling station, provided in partnership with Gas Technology Institute, will be used to fuel the bus during the demonstration.  UT-CEM will collect operational data from the bus and fueling station to assess their performance.  “The new bus is equipped with a data acquisition system that will closely monitor the overall fuel economy of the bus. The system measures battery voltages and currents, hydrogen fuel consumption, energy and power flows to the motor, regenerative braking energy, and even air conditioning loads every second.” – Mike Lewis (CEM Program Manager)

UT-CEM develops revolutionary vehicle power system solutions using detailed analysis and simulation to optimize components based on the system output requirements. As a result of this expertise, UT-CEM was selected to perform the modeling and testing of the first hydrogen fuel cell transit bus and as the site of the first hydrogen fueling station in the state of Texas. UT-CEM’s research has proven instrumental in the public acceptance and adoption of new vehicle technologies. UT-CEM is focused on comprehensive applied research including design, analysis, integration, and testing of novel power generation and energy storage concepts in vehicles.

News Coverage:

StateImpact Texas Story by by Sheyda Aboii
Why Some Longhorns Won’t Be Riding Dirty (Buses) Anymore

The new bus will be featured as part of UT’s shuttle system and will alternate between the Forty Acres and Intramural Fields routes. Full Story plus additional photos of CEM courtesy of StateImpact Texas.

StateImpact Texas is a collaboration of local public radio stations KUT Austin, KUHF Houston and NPR

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