• Canfield Joint Canfield Joint Canfield Joint Researchers advance space applications through development of a high-precision full hemispherical pointing/ attitude control capability with much needed vibration isolation
  • H2 Bus H2 Bus H2 Bus CEM supports Austin’s own CapMetro and other transit authorities evaluate alternative fuel transit vehicles
  • Hydrothermal Liquefaction Hydrothermal Hydrothermal Liquefaction Solar-driven hydrothermal liquefaction allows biowaste to be converted to crude oil in a matter of minutes
  • EM Launch EM Launch EM Launch CEM’s Electromagnetic Launch and Projectile Soft Catch Recovery System for high acceleration test articles
  • Composites Composites Composites CEM hydroburst testing protocols provide testing standards for emerging composite materials


The center

The University of Texas at Austin (UT) is true to their motto, “What Starts Here Changes the World”.  The Center for Electromechanics (CEM) supports this goal as a leading applied research unit.  Researchers at the Center are recognized for expertise in advanced energy storage and power generation rotating machines for both intermittent and continuous duty applications. For the past four decades, CEM has served as a key contributor to the University’s success in research, education, and service to the community.


CEM is focused on state-of-the-art research, with facilities and equipment for staff engineers to design, build, and test first-of-a-kind prototypes.  With a proven track record in technology transfer to both government and industry sponsors, CEM researchers are experienced in working on small and large projects with industry and understand commercial pressures and time-scales.  The Center draws upon the creativity, knowledge, and experience of the academic faculty for real-world multi-disciplinary solutions.


Both undergrad and graduate UT students join CEM researchers in development and testing of new technologies.  This hands-on education not only provides UT students with must-have real-world experience, but also provides a conduit for technology transfer to research sponsors.  Students gain important exposure to emerging technologies and leading edge designs essential for a sustainable energy future.  Moreover, CEM brings as often as possible the enthusiasm and creativity of students to industrial problems so companies can not only add new technologies to their product lines but can also hire recent graduates with highly relevant experience.


CEM serves UT as an effective interface to industry.  CEM often called upon to consult with large consortiums to solve the world’s toughest problems.  CEM has helped multiple companies improve existing products through emerging technologies.  Center researchers take pride in providing the highest quality solutions.

What's neW

UT SAGE Celebrating 20 Years

CEM is proud to support continuing education in the Austin community. The UT Sage group plans regular tour visits to the CEM facility to learn about emerging technology solutions. In addition, CEM is host to multiple Machinist Training courses in partnership with the Texas Workforce Commission throughout the year. Youtube Video.

"The 21st Century Grid" Workshop

This workshop is important because the grid is changing. Electrification was named the top engineering accomplishment of the 20th century by the US National Academy of Engineering. More information HERE.

Research Spotlight

October 2015 - The UT Energy Institute’s “Research Spotlight” on our Director, Dr. Robert Hebner

Electric Ship

December 2015 - The Proceedings of the IEEE published a special issue on electric ships that drew heavily on the research at CEM and the rest of the Electric Ship Research and Development Consortium of which UT is a founding member.

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