To assist Industry and Government in the development of products and processes that matter by combining university research with ever-expanding core of competence in the technologies needed to harness transient electrical and mechanical power. Equally important is our emphasis on advancing the overall mission of The University of Texas, and we have therefore further defined our objectives into three fundamental areas of RESEARCH, EDUCATION, and SERVICE.


* Perform world-class fundamental and applied research in electromagnetics, electromechanics, energy storage, and high performance energy conversion.
* Maintain advanced design, simulation and analytical modeling tools and capabilities through development of specialized computer codes.
* Maintain a modern, well-equipped Prototyping Laboratory capable of rapidly supporting hardware demonstrations that allow complete evaluation of new concepts and advanced technologies.
* Disseminate research results through Patents, Publications, and Industrial teaming arrangements in focused, collaborative research efforts.


* Support Research, Intern, and Cooperative Education Programs for graduate and undergraduate engineering students through involvement in ongoing research activities.
* Support UT Faculty in the supervision of Master’s and Ph.D. research topics provided by and being performed at CEM
* Assist UT Faculty in educational programs and activities, including teaching courses


* Perform public service/relations activities in the best interests of our sponsors and The University, including conducting technical workshops, short courses, and educational tours.
* Provide an organizational structure that allows easy access to the unique capabilities of CEM. This applies to our sponsors as well as elements within The University.
* Provide support mechanisms for effective technology transfer, including on-site participation in research projects. Research Graph


By engaging in both fundamental and applied research activities in the areas of electromagnetics, electromechanical devices, power electronics, and advanced materials, our goal is to be the world's best university source for leading edge concepts and technology for novel generation, storage and use of electric and mechanical energy. To fulfill this vision, we will continue to develop and maintain preeminence in the following core competency areas:
* High specific power electromechanical devices
* Coupled electro-mechanical-thermal analysis and simulation techniques
* Composite materials and manufacturing technology
* High specific power converters
* Energy storage systems
* System level design and optimization

As shown in the figure below, our approach involves participation in a continuum of research projects, each contributing to our knowledge base and core competencies while leveraging the results and experiences gained in previous projects. We intend to always be on the forefront of the new age of electrification by applying our fundamental understanding of the technologies involved to an increasing number of novel application areas.

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