UT Participated in the “Formula Sun Grand Prix” this weekend, part of the collegiate American Solar Challenge:

The Formula Sun Grand Prix (FSGP) is an annual track race that is held on grand prix or road style closed courses. This unique style of solar car racing is open to teams from around the world and truly tests the limits of the vehicles in handling curves, braking, and acceleration. On years when the American Solar Challenge (ASC) is held, FSGP serves as the qualifier race for this competition. Teams must successfully complete FSGP to prove their vehicles before they are allowed to start the cross-country ASC journey. The racing strategy applied during the three day FSGP track event is different than the cross-country ASC event. Driver training, passing strategy, and quick pit stops are crucial for teams racing in FSGP. It’s also essential to have a diligent team member in the timing booth and follow all of the rules of the track to ensure all laps get counted.

CEM program manager Mr. Mike Lewis was in attendance to participate in a radio interview for SpeedCity, broadcast every Saturday on ESPN (104.9 in the Austin area at 10am: http://speedcitypodcast.com/espn-06-29-13-formula-sun/

UT was one of 11 teams that were invited to participate, a full story can be found here: Students use solar power for ‘Sun Grand Prix’ at COTA track (YNN Austin)

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