Newest bus to join the hydrogen bus program at UT-CEM.

Great Ideas on Energy: Giant Touch Screens, Natural Gas, Instant Transportation Routes.
A century ago, The University of Texas was built on energy. Some sources may have changed, but as these brilliant innovations prove, UT is still charging ahead.

AltCar Expo Video - Mr. Mike Lewis, Program manager for CEM's Alternative Fuel Vehicles, attended the Texas AltCar Conference and Expo.

The Daily Texan video "The Texas Electric Vehicle Program" reporting on the newest bus to join the hydrogen bus program at UT-CEM.Austin community participates in energy-saving study

ATTB 20 mph Suspension Test

HMWWV Yuma Suspension Testing

CEM Vehicles Suspension Demonstrations

Airport Rescue Fire Fighting suspension demonstration

CEM single wheel suspension test

CEM’s Mr. Mike Lewis will be moderated the “Electric Buses Are Here to Stay” Panel discussion at BusCon 2013, Tuesday Sept 10th in Chicago IL


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