Summary and Introduction
Left Handed Media (LHM) Righted.
Wave refraction in Negative Index Media (NIM, same as LHM) is always positive and very inhomogeneous.

Physical Review Letters, Vol. 88, No. 18, 187401-1, 6 May 2002

Prashant M. Valanju, Rodger M. Walser, and Alaka P. Valanju.

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Our PRL paper proves that causality and finite signal speed disallow negative refraction of ANY physically realizable wave by ANY physically realizable passive material (even media with negative phase index). Period.
Read about us in Physical Review Focus May 4, 2002 (in Debate over Left-Handed Media Heats Up).

Negative signal refraction is impossible.
Wrong negative refraction diagrams.

  1. Main result of our paper: Negative wave refraction is impossible.
  2. Why is our result important and basic?
  3. Negative wave refraction violates finite signal speed or causality.
  4. Negative phase index does not mean negative wave refraction.
  5. NIM dispersion makes waves very inhomogeneous.
  6. “Perfect Lens” is imperfect - does not focus waves.
  7. LHM prism experiment does not prove negative wave refraction.
Summary | Introduction | Movies | References | LHM Publicity | CEMD | UT Austin

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