Negative refraction of phase fronts - no energy transport.

This shows how the phase fronts that satisfy a negative Snell's law come towards the PIM-NIM surface, rather than crossing it from left to right.
These cannot be interpreted as anything going from left to right, i.e., this does not represent causal front propagation along a ray as depicted by Veselago.Note that Veselago shows forward direction on arrows in NIM. That is wrong because these are phase rays.
If you still do not believe how simple but true this is, try to find anything that is going from the left to the right of the surface in this movie that would correspond to the right-moving arrow on the rays shown in the figure on right.

Veselago 1968, Fig. 4: (Phase) Ray diagram.
Forward arrow directions in original are wrong.
Corrected red arrows are ours.
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