“Perfect Lens” is imperfect - does not focus waves.

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Spherical Modulation movie
Spherical Phase Front movie
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Our paper shows that dispersion of light by NIM also disallows the perfect lens, as the figure on left shows.

Note again that all color (frequency) components of the incident light go backward in different negative directions, but their sum total goes forward always in a positive direction.

So the modulations starting from a point keep diverging after crossing to the NIM side. In fact, even the phase fronts (red and blue lines) do not focus at one point.

So the "perfect lens" does not focus signals, and even for phases, it has severe spherical and chromatic abberations.

Note that in all earlier LHM references, the arrows on the so called rays in LHM are shown forwards (when they are shown), misleading the reader into believing that something (light energy) is actually going forward along those rays!
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