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Our paper in PRL, V.88 No.18, 187401-1 6 May 2002 disproves almost all claims about LHM starting from Veselago's paper, and including Pendry's perfect lenses.

Veselago's paper in Sov. Phys. Usp. V. 10, No. 4 Jan-Feb 1968 (p. 509) started it all with an error in fig.2 which depicts ray focusing by flat nim slabs. This is the first such figure that has the arrows in wrong direction inside the LHM. It has been copied so far by everyone in the negative refraction literature.

Our comment in PRL, V.87, No. 11, 119701-1 10 Sept. 2001 on the plasmons paper in PRL, June 1996 V.76, 25, 4773 by Pendry et. al. conclusively disproved the contention that there are "Extremely low frequency plasmons in metallic mesostructures" arising due to "electrons becoming as heavy as nitrogen atoms" in wires that are a few micron wide. We showed that this result was based on two elementary errors that negated their arguments: neglecting electron collisions and violating gauge invariance. No reply to our comment was published by PRL, indicating a final settlement of the question of "low frequency plasmons". However, some reseachers continued to cite the "low frequency plasmons" paper.

Pendry's "Perfect Lens" (PRL V.85, No.18, p. 3966 30 Oct 2000) paper. Now we have shown that the perfect lens is is very imperfect in almost every sense. It does not focus wave energy. Even for phase ray focusing, it has severe spherical and chromatic abberations.

Prism experiment paper in Science V. 292, p. 77, Apr 6 2001 claimed to have demonstrated negative refraction. However, their measurements can be interpreted in terms of diffraction effects rather than in terms of negative refraction. The NIM prism turns the waves into inhomogeneous waves that should decay. However, no data is presented on variation of intensity with distance. Also, the relative magnitudes of the two peaks corresponding to PIM and NIM prisms is not given (both are normalized to their resoective peak values).

't Hooft comment on perfect lens PRL V.87, 24, 249701-1 Dec. 10 2001,
Williams comment on negative refraction PRL V.87, 24, 249703-1 Dec. 10 2001,
and Pendry's replies PRL V.87, 24, 249702-1 and 249704-1 Dec. 10 2001,
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