Research Topics

University of Houston
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The Evaluation of a Pulsed Discharge Helium Detector and of a Pulsed Discharge Ionization Detector
Anthony Chang

Spectrophotometry: Analysis of Two TPP Compounds
Lorna J. Cohen

Peptide Nucleic Acids
Carolyn D. Cracraft

Superconductivity: The Bearings of the Future
Richard Dinh and Ranjit Nair

Theoretical Conformations of Methiionine, Leucine, and Cystine Enkephalin Determined Through Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Ian R. Fasel, Diane M. Meyers, and Eric Vugrin

Nanotechnology: The Next Fontier in Science
Ian R. Fasel

Predictions for the Reaction of H + H2 Using Quantum Mechanics
Geoff Jennings

The Phylogenetic Analysis of gp120 with Respect to Evolutionary Processes and Geographical Locations
Jeannine Koay

Peptide Nucleic Acids (PNA) and Antisense Technology: The Theoretical Determination of a PNA Molecule
Stephen J. Liu

A Modified Experimental Approach to Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen (TKN) of Inorganic Solid Material
Timothy A. Marquart

A Comparison of Assorted Hydrogen Energy Production Systems
Diane Meyers

Catalytic Activity of LaNi0.6Cr0.4Ox for Methane Combustion
John Prince

Collision Dynamics at High Vibrational Energy: HCN
Kelly L. Wouters