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Brian Arneson


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Brian Arneson

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B.S., Chemistry, Michigan Technological University, 1997
Masters work in Biochemistry, University of Texas at Austin

Work Experience: Analytical Chemist, Illinois State Geological Survey, 1997-1998

E-mail: b_arneson@mail.utexas.edu

Telephone: (512) 471-7732 Office: ESB 127


Research Interests:

  • Development of a web based chemistry course offered through the UT TeleCampus. The web course includes different assessment methods as a mean to identify student understanding. The results of the assessment methods will be used to provide insight into the usefulness of different methods of content presentation.
  • Developing a fuge tube spectrometer to be used as a one vessel analysis tool. The fuge tube spectrometer uses a visible light diode array spectrometer as a detector. The fuge tubes used are optically transparent in the measurement region and are placed into the light path and can be read as a cuvette.




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