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It should be clear to everyone that while I demand a lot (see Downside), I work extremely hard for each of you. This includes the obvious, such as providing financial security, research facilities and support, teaching you how to identify important research problems (it is not the answer, but the question that will make you known), close advice on developing research protocols, training in experimental techniques, rapid turn-around on manuscripts, detailed editing rather than cursory remarks, providing letters of recommendation, etc. Other benefits are not as obvious, but would include advertising laboratory research with appropriate credits at seminars given at other institutions and in national and international symposia, helping in writing individual research grants, development of contacts, advice in planning career moves, etc. You will also find that the laboratory attracts a number of visitors each year. You will be encouraged to meet with these individuals and use the opportunity to discuss your work. This has the effect of establishing your own identity with these investigators and often leads to career opportunities.

You will also find that I will support in every way possible research initiatives that are meritorious and coincident with the laboratory goals. In some instances the significance will be obvious, but obvious or not, you will have to convince me of the project's worth. The proposal should be regarded as one being made to any funding agency. In other words, you will get approval only if you have presented a well constructed and tightly argued proposal, not because you are a nice person. Funds for equipment, material, and travel to other laboratories or meetings are allocated on merit, need, and, of course, availability.