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It is the nature of things that for every "upside" there is a "downside"; you will find that I frequently expect immediate action. Also, I am demanding of your time and commitment and, occasionally, seemingly insensitive to your individual needs. This is not intentional. I am very much aware of your individuality. Yet because this is a large laboratory and because you are part a research team, you may find that I am not always able to address individual issues expeditiously.

The above is especially true when I am writing a grant. Since several grants fund the work in this lab, a large number of grants must be written. This means that much of my time during the months preceding NIH/NSF deadlines will be devoted to this activity. On the positive side, at one time or another you will become involved in the preparation of grants as this is part of your training as a scientist.

The most difficult task for new members of the laboratory will be the transition in responsibility. My primary goal is to train independent researchers who will continue to contribute to biomedical research after they leave the lab. In this process, you will learn to take responsibility for projects, establish priorities and keep commitments, and recognize your limitations so that when assistance and advice is needed, you will know where, how, when, and from whom to seek it. This takes time and, depending upon the person and background, can be rapid or slow.

Finally, because this guide is based on my personal experiences, the policies or instructions may be delivered with a directive with no apparent consideration of the possible alternatives. This is not to say that I will never justify my decisions or actions or that I am immune to your input. There will be many instances in which explanations will be provided or that I will ask for your thoughts, but you must trust me to give you my best, just as I trust you to give me your best. You will find that, on the whole, my judgment has been good. I do make mistakes though. If you feel that this is the case, I ask that you act promptly and talk directly with me rather than allow resentment to build.