10/25/13 - Student Futures Project Underscores Challenges for Latino Population to Access Higher-Ed

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Last week the Austin American-Statesman released a detailed article about the challenges that Central Texas Latino students face as they apply for and go to higher education institutions. A community that values education and sees graduating college as the ticket to the American Dream, Latinos are looking for solutions to cultural and economic barriers impeding them from reaching their goal. Cited in the article, Dr. Chris King, Director of the Ray Marshall Center, explains that the positive spillover resulting from small groups of Latinos graduating college could ameliorate the situation by serving as an example for friends and family. Furthermore, the Student Futures Project, a Ray Marshall Center project that surveys high school seniors from several Central Texas school districts, is cited as one of the principal sources of data that supports the notion that economic pressures are the most important factor for why Latino students struggle to go to college. To read more about Latino access to Higher-Ed in Central Texas, click here.

Ray Marshall Center

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