2/16/2010 – Chamber of Commerce Holds Briefing on Student Futures Project

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The Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce hosted an educational luncheon on February 16th for state and local policymakers and philanthropic leaders. This event provided an opportunity for attendees to learn how the Ray Marshall Center’s Student Futures Project has helped Metro Austin increase its direct to college enrollment rates from 54% in 2004 to 62% in 2008. Attendees were briefed on:
  • How the Student Futures Project links high school, college enrollment and wage data to provide a performance-management approach;
  • How schools and districts use project data to focus resources on specific, measurable activities that effectively lead to higher enrollment; and
  • How the project can help assess the impact of legislative policies.

Presenters at the event included Gene Austin, CEO of Convio and vice-chair of the Chamber; Dr. Christopher King, director of the Ray Marshall Center; Sue McMillin, president and CEO of TG; and Joy Philpott, director of school improvement and accountability at San Marcos ISD.

For additional information on the Central Texas Student Futures Project please visit www.centexstudentfutures.org.

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