3/10/2011 - Center Researchers Meet with SFP Partners and Funders

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Greg_Cumpton_presents_findingschool district partners, project funders, and Ray Marshall Center researchers involved in the Central Texas Students Futures Project met on Feb. 24 at the LBJ School of Public Affairs to discuss recent findings about factors linked to successful college enrollment. The diverse group included officials from nine area school districts involved in the project, representatives of the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce, the non-profit group TG, and Center researchers.

The meeting provided an opportunity for all partners to provide feedback and input on current analyses and findings, as well as discuss how prior feedback from partner districts has been incorporated into the current research. The Student Futures Project provides regular updates and engages partners to help ensure that the research continues to provide relevant and constructive information for educators and other stakeholders. As a next step, Center researchers will integrate the feedback received from partners in the development of the research publication.

Photo: Greg Cumption presents findings to partners.
Ray Marshall Center

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