4/25/2011- Amna Khan Presented Professional Report on Public-Private Partnerships in Education in Pakistan

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The LBJ Scamnakhanhool of Public Affairs at the University of Texas held a Professional Report Symposium on April 22. Nine students from the 2012 graduating class presented their semester long research project. Amna Khan, graduate research assistant at the Ray Marshall Center and graduating student from LBJ School’s Master in Public Affairs program, presented her report evaluating the effectiveness of public-private partnerships in education in Pakistan, the factors that relate to the success or failure of these education programs, and the key challenges emerging from these partnerships.

In her research, Amna analyzed primary data taken from in-person site visits and stakeholder interviews at Public-Private Partnership schools in Pakistan and secondary data provided through evaluation reports from donor agencies and Pakistan’s ministry of education. Research findings revealed that these partnerships have had mixed outcomes, with results largely dependent on the design of the design of the partnerships. The report includes guidelines for designing successful public-private partnerships and concludes with a recommendation to establish a national policy that regulates, ensures accountability and monitors performance of these partnerships. 

At the Ray Marshall Center, Amna works with Dr. Daniel Schroeder in the evaluation and analysis of child support enforcement programs. The Ray Marshall Center congratulates Amna on her professional report and upcoming graduation this May.

Ray Marshall Center

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