9/28/2011 - Center for Law and Social Policy Cites Ray Marshall Center Research in New Publications

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The Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP), a Washington D.C.-based organization working in the area of workforce development, has recently published two papers on workforce effectiveness that included research from the Ray Marshall Center.

The first paper titled “Research Show the Effectiveness of Workforce Programs” found that several studies and evaluations of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) reported positive outcomes for participants. The paper cited a 2005 report for the U.S. Labor Department co-authored by Dr. Chris King, director of the Ray Marshall Center, Center research scientist Dr. Daniel Schroeder and Upjohn Institute colleagues titled “Net Impact Estimates for Services Provided through the Workforce Investment Act”.  The paper also cited the Ray Marshall Center’s recent research on Capital IDEA, a sector-based training program being piloted in Austin that is showing substantial impacts in employment, earnings, and Unemployment Insurance-related effects.  The data came from two 2011 publications: “Local Investments in Workforce Development: 2011 Evaluation Update” and an essay titled “The Promise of Sectoral Approaches to Workforce Development: Towards More Effective, Active Labor Market Policies in the United States” featured in the book Human Resources Economics: Essays in Honor of Vernon M. Biggs, Jr. published in 2010 by the W. E. Upjohn Institute.

CLASP published a second brief titled “National Leaders Recognize the Value of Workforce Development Programs” that drew from the research cited from the earlier paper mentioned above. This brief provides quotes from government officials, academics, and business leaders, including quotes from Dr. Ray Marshall, former U.S. Secretary of Labor in the Carter administration, and Dr. Christopher King, director of the Ray Marshall Center, arguing the effectiveness and advocating continuation of the nation’s workforce and training programs.

Ray Marshall Center

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