12/9/2011 - Statesman Article Highlights Positive Impacts of Captial IDEA on Both Participants and Their Children

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In the Nov. 25 print edition of the Austin-American Statesman, an article titled "Parents' job training boosts kids' aspirations" discussed how parents enrolled in Capital IDEA, an non-profit Austin based education and training program for low-income adults, go on to have a positive impact on their children's education and career plans. Capital IDEA participant Eliona Serna received a nursing degree through the program and twleve year old son Jeremiah White is now looking to become a cardiologist in the future. Dr. Chris King, director of the Ray Marshall Center, commented that more similar stories are continuing to come out.

Capital IDEA, founded in 1998 in Austin, works to provide financial support, counseling, education, and job training and placement services for low-income adults. In August 2011, the Ray Marshall Center issued a report evaluating the outcomes and impacts of the Capital IDEA training program. The findings showed that participants of the program experienced large, statistically significant gains in quarterly employment, eligibility for Unemployment Insurance benefits, and average quarterly earnings against participants in a comparison group. Additionally, investment is fully recouped after 8.5 years and the program generated returns not only to participants but also to taxpayers and society. Returns to taxpayers stem from reductions in welfare and food stamp payments and increased tax receipts. Total returns to taxpayers are estimated at 165% for the first 10 years and 501% over 20 years. The full report as well as the a report brief are available on the Ray Marshall Center website.

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