5/22/2012 - Huffington Post: Anne Mosle Spotlights Achievements of Student Mothers and Two-Generation Programs

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Anne Mosle, vice president of policy at the Aspen Institute and executive director of Ascend, the Institute's family economic secuirty program, contributed an editorial to the Huffington Post on May 15 highlighting the work, achievements, and impact of student mothers. These are women who "juggle family, jobs, and school so that their children can have the best future possible." 

Ascend_Tulsa_visit_w_participants050312Mosle spotlights the support given to these parents through dual generation programs. Dual generation programs aim to increase family economic and educational success for low-income families by supporting investments in both early education for the children and credential attainment and job training for the parents.

In the editorial, Mosle highlights two programs for working parents: the Ruth Matthews Bourger Women with Children Program at Misericordia University in Dallas, PA and the Community Action Project of Tulsa County's (CAPTC) CareerAdvanc
e™. Both programs offer training and professional opportunities in the medical field. The Ray Marshall Center had developed the program design for the CareerAdvance™ program in 2008. The Center as well as other project partners at Northwester an Columbia University are continuing our work to provide ongoing data collection, project implementation, and outcomes analysis for program participancts.  

Mosle's full Huffington Post article is available at this link: (Graduation) Hats Off to Mothers

Photo courtesy of Ascend. Meeting participants meet with
program stakeholders and
CareerAdvance™ students.)


Ray Marshall Center

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