9/30/12 - Bob Glover, Center's First Employee and Former Director, Retires

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Robert W. (Bob) Glover,  the first employee of the Ray Marshall Center when its namesake founded it in June 1970, retired on September 30, 2012. Dr. Glover is a research scientist and a former director of the Center from 1976-1983.

Dr. Glover's distinguished career includes authoring countless books, articles and reports.  Over the years, he has had an indelible and lasting impact on Austin's approach to investing in its residents, working with a long list of mayors, county judges, business and civic leaders.  He is one of the world's leading experts on apprenticeship and headed the Federal Committee on Apprenticeship during the Carter Administration in the 1970s.

At the LBJ School of Public Affairs, Dr. Glover taught almost a dozen policy research projects since the late 1970s. He worked closely with the late Walt and Elspeth Rostow, professors at the LBJ School and community leaders, to establish The Austin Project, which acts as a catalyst to improve the lives of children, youth and families. Additionally, he has mentored numerous students and continues to shape their careers to this day.

In honor of Dr. Glover and his work, the Center hosted a retirement party at the LBJ School on October 4, 2012.

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