2/28/13 - Dr. King Presents Chapter Findings in Washington

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On Thursday, February 28th, RMC Director Chris King flew to Washington, DC, to participate in the conference titled, “Workforce Intermediaries Sector Strategies in an Uncertain Economy; A Decade of Research and Practice” convened by the Aspen Institute and the Annie E. Casey Foundation. The purpose of the meeting was to bring contributors of this work-in-progress together to discuss the chapters they had drafted as a group. Experts on workforce economics and sector strategies took advantage of this opportunity to sit together and discuss their research. Questions raised during the meeting included;

“How did the writing process shape how you think about your topic-were there things you wrote about that you didn’t expect? What is the main takeaway you hope a reader will get from your chapter? What is the issue you are still thinking about or reflecting on?”

Authors also presented findings and observations from their chapters. Dr. King gave a presentation titled, “Sectoral Workforce Strategies: What We Know….and What We Need to Know.” He spoke about training strategies and reviewed the evidence on sectoral strategies, career pathways programs, and bridge programs.

Ray Marshall Center

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