8/29/13 - Aspen THiNKXCHANGE Welcomes Ascend Fellows

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The Aspen Institute has a policy program for two-generation efforts called Ascend. In October, 2012, The Aspen Institute gathered its Ascend fellows, including RMC’s Dr. Chris King, as well as other influential thinkers to come together and use their experience and imagination to develop ideas that will benefit a “legacy of economic security and educational success” for generations to come.

The report, Making Economic Security a Family Tradition; Two-Generation Solutions from the Aspen THiNKXCHANGE, describes the purpose of the event; “The Aspen ThinkXChange gathered 150 dynamic leaders from across sectors — from cutting-edge community-based programs, policy, academia, philanthropy, business, and media — to discuss and debate opportunities and solutions for moving children and their parents toward economic mobility and opportunity.”

This publication offers insight into how two-generation solutions can be integrated into government programs on the local, state, and federal levels. Two-generation solutions focus on extracting whole families from the cycle of poverty by providing education and support services to children and their parents. In Section 2 of the report, adapted remarks from Chris King and his fellow panelists can be found.

Ray Marshall Center

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