1/23/2012 - Center Releases 2012 Evaluations of Workforce Development Services in Travis County

The Ray Marshall Center has recently published the following reports evaluating workforce development services in Travis County, Texas:


Local Investments in Workforce Development: 2012 Evaluation Update
: Tara C. Smith, Christopher T. King, Daniel G. Schroeder
: January 2012
Publication Type
: Report. 32pp. This report is the fifth in a series from an evaluation of seven workforce development programs funded by Travis County, TX. This report examines participants' labor market outcomes and impacts of program participation for each service provider. The report summarizes the findings to date, beginning with the 2007 participants, and outlines the next steps for research.

WFE_REM_Jan_2012_coverEvaluation of Local Workforce Demonstration Projects – Travis County’s REM and GEM Projects
: Tara C. Smith, Christopher T. King, Daniel G. Schroeder
Date: January 2012
Publication Type: Report. 14pp.
This report presents finding from two workforce demonstration projects: the Rapid Employment Model or REM project and the Gainful Employment Model or GEM project. This report builds on four prior evaluations for the REM project (2007, 2008, 2010, and 2011) and also introduces the GEM project and provides outcomes for 2009-2010 GEM participants.

More information about the Ray Marshall Center's work in local workforce development projects as well as copies of past reports are available here.

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