2/17/2012 - Center Releases New Reports on Childcare, Workforce Development, and Education

Researchers from the Ray Marshall Center have released four new reports this week, one each in workforce development and early childhood/child care, and two in education. Details as well as links to each report are provided below.

Workforce Development:

This report, prepared for the Health Professionals Opportunity Program, Administration for Children and Families in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, provides the background, rationale, and overview of the first year of implementation of the CareerAdvance® program. The program aims to improve family economic security by providing low-income parents of children in Tulsa's Head Start and Early Head Start programs with workforce development services and training in high-growthpotential sectors such as healthcare and nursing, in addition to adult education programs, peer support, and performance incentives. After the first year of implementation, early signs indicate that the program is succeeding and participants are showing high rates of completion.


In 2011, the Austin College Access Network, or ACAN, contracted with the Ray Marshall Center to assist in its college persistence project entitled “Staying Powers: Building College Persistence for our Most Challenged Students.”  The project’s goal is to conduct a program  to enhance the collaboration of participating organizations in the Austin College Access Network to improve college persistence for the region’s low-income and first-generation students at several area colleges and universities. Under this project, the Center was responsible for developing a FERPA-compliant data collection approach that could be used for either program evaluation purposes or for monitoring college enrollment and persistence for ACAN participants; this model is described in detail in the report Development of a Student Tracking System for ACAN Participants.

Early Childhood/Child Care

  • 2011 Texas Child Care Market Rate Survey: Final Report (February 2012). By the Center for Social Work Research and the Ray Marshall Center for the Study of Human Resources, at The University of Texas at Austin.

Since 2003, the Ray Marshall Center has partnered with the Center for Social Work Research at the University of Texas in Austin to conduct an annual survey of child care market rate in Texas. Survey results are to provided to 28 Local Workforce Development Boards that manage the federal child care program in Texas with the goal of providing the Boards with up-to-date, reliable data and information to use in setting maximum reimbursements rates that ensure equal access to child care, thereby maximizing public resources. The Texas Child Care Market Rate Survey reports may be obtained from the Texas Workforce Commission's website.

Ray Marshall Center

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