1/27/13 - Dr. Ray Marshall Speaks on Immigration Reform

Dr. Ray Marshall, former Secretary of Labor and the Center's founder, returned to the Public Affairs Forum to speak about an issue that has been central to his decades long career in public policy - immigration reform.

The title of Dr. Marshall's address was, Sensible Immigration Reform: Lessons from Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Addressing the need for immigration reform in America head-on, Dr. Marshall took an in-depth look at what other 'immigrant countries' have done to incorporate laborers from abroad, primarily focusing on how the United States could benefit from their experience. As the United States struggles with the negative impact of having millions of undocumented workers that labor without the benefit of workers' rights and who often earn well below a living wage, it is clear that a new policy must be formulated to address this issue.

The former Secretary's research and unequivocal recommendations are helping to guide federal immigration policy in the months to come, as this debate takes center stage in Washington, DC.


Ray Marshall Center

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